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Meet Tribute Management, LLC

Welcome to the official Tribute Management website.  Here you will learn the depth of what we provide to skilled musicians and discerning event coordinators.  We know music because most of us are musicians, serious musicians: instrumentalists, vocalists, songwriters, recording engineers and more.  We connect with the full range of musicians and venues as we focus our efforts to support in every aspect their business goals.  In these pages you will find several bands we give our efforts to increase their professional standing in the local and national industry.  

What is a Tribute Band?

Tribute Bands have become one of the most in demand form of musical entertainment for quality venues, corporations, private parties and more.  There are all types of bands from Country, to Jazz, to Zydeco but the most prevalent are the Rock bands.  A Tribute Band pays tribute to a specific artist that has reached a level of status in the music industry to achieve name and brand recognition nationwide or worldwide.  

Music Concert

Band Management and How We Differ

To be truly effective in growing a Tribute Band business of any standing, a management company is generally employed to seek out and secure gigs for the band.  This allows the Band to set up for and perform a greater number of performances and build their own name recognition as an A-list band.  Many management companies stop there.  Tribute Management feels that the talents of the performers should be ALL that they need to employ in their pursuit of their craft.  Thus, we have many options available to assist them in their daily operations, creation of marketing, production of merchandise and a full staff to support them.

The Crowd

Meet Your Audience

We know your audience and how to connect with them.  If you are a performer interested in Management as an artist, or a venue seeking the best in the industry, we would love to talk with you. Reach out to us using the contact info below.  We look forward to speaking with you and getting to know how we can meet your needs.

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