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Meet Tribute Management, LLC

Welcome to the official Tribute Management website. Our company was originally created to provide high level management to skilled musicians working in the Tribute Band field, but now manages music artists working in many genres, including original music. Our focus is on live performance, but we are also able to consult on composition, publishing, and recording.
It is our objective to offer our musicians the financial, legal, and organizational expertise needed to launch and sustain a successful career in the music business. All our management staff are dedicated to providing our musicians with services that they need to grow their audience and manage the financial rewards of their careers.
Tribute Management currently manages a limited roster of bands, solo artists, and writers. This allows us to offer discerning event coordinators, night club owners, and concert promoters a selection of quality acts at different price points.


Let Us Help You Do What You Do Best

As artists ourselves, we understand that most performers want to focus on their craft and on connecting with their audiences. For a solo musician or a band, it is extremely difficult to develop and manage the many skills and services that are a part of successfully presenting your performances. Not every musician can create graphics or navigate the digital space essential to succeed.

Let us "lend" you our art department, our web designer, our music attorney, and many of the other team members that support our own bands. Reach out to us using the contact info below. We look forward to speaking with you and getting to know how we can meet your needs.

Band Management and How We Differ

The difference between a traditional band management company and Tribute Management is in the options we provide.  Traditionally, musicians and performers have paid managers to offer advice and generally promote the creative and business interests of the artists.  The manager would charge a flat percentage of all of the band's income from all sources, often as high as 20-25%. 

Our model is different.  Tribute Management LLC offers an array of services to musicians and bands.  Among other services, we can provide personal management, business management, marketing and merchandising support.  Check out our Services page to find out more of how we can best serve your specific needs in daily operations, creation of marketing, and production of merchandise. We are ready to get started and have a full staff available to support you.

What is a Tribute Band?

A tribute act, tribute band, tribute group, or tribute artist, is a music group, singer, or musician who specifically performs the music of a well-known music act. Many tribute bands, in addition to playing the music of an artist or group, also try to emulate the vocal styles and overall appearance of that artist or group, to make as close an approximation as possible.

Tribute bands have become one of the most in-demand forms of musical entertainment for quality venues, corporations, private parties, and community events. The audiences who come to hear tribute bands are mostly over-40-year-olds who know what kind of music they like and which artists they enjoy. Attending a tribute show allows this audience to re-experience the music they have loved throughout their lives, up close and personal.

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