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Gar Hogan sings Bob Seger
like you never thought anyone could...

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Gar’s portrayal of Bob Seger is something that has to be seen and heard. The raw vocal power and emotion of his voice and the stories he tells of Bob Seger and his life will captivate you like no other tribute can. Here is what some fans and clients have said...


I'm a Bob Seger fan and I happened to just stop by Sixes this past Thursday (Biker's Night) without knowing that you guys were performing and let me tell ya', I found myself a huge treat by listening to you guys rock the shit out of some of Bob Seger's greatest hits.  Only good ol' Bob himself could've performed better than you guys did.  Gar: you're like Bob Seger's younger brother, you're the closest thing that I'd ever get to Bob himself.  You're quite the performer, you got that presence & I thank you so much for your music.  I freaking loved it and that was the highlight of a very shitty week, it was hell, and watching you guys gave me a little slice of heaven with them songs & performance.  From the bottom of my heart: you guys freakin' rock!!!  I wish you nothing but success. Bob and the Silver Bullet Band would be proud of having you guys performing their greatest hits.  I will never forget this past Thursday night.  Bob Seger forever!!!  Fire Lake, Rock on!!!

     - Jesus Sanchez, Cartersville, GA


Went to Southern Roots to see a Bob Seger tribute band, Fire Lake. These guys were a very talented group of guys! First off, the lead singer looked just like him. This was their debut and they absolutely killed it in front of a sold-out house. And again, this guy's voice sounded just like Bob Seger. If your eyes were closed, you wouldn’t know the difference! I met all of them after the show and they all were very kind and courteous. The lead singer is very knowledgeable about Seger's years of touring and life as a musician. Anyone that gets a chance needs to check these guys out you will not be disappointed! They played I think 27 songs that I counted. Great job fellas! 

     -William Pounds

Just saw the Fire Lake band last night and they were awesome. The lead singer is great. Can't wait to see them again.

     -Marsha Payton, Atlanta

Fire Lake is the best Bob Seger tribute band I have ever heard.  The enthusiasm and emotion that the group plays with is incredible. The lead singer Gar Hogan has such tremendous respect for Bob Seger. It is obvious from the quality of music that is being played that all members in the band are skilled musicians.  Fire Lake is a " must-have " at any event.

     -Douglas Bercu, Shopping center developer, Marietta, Georgia 

You all played Seger perfectly.  Soundtrack to my teens and beyond.  Special thank you for the dedication to my son and for memorializing my boy, Brendan, at your Daytona Beach concert.  You guys are amazing and it meant so much to me.  Not to mention you all nail Bob Seger who was the soundtrack to my teen years and even this day.  I think of my boy every time I hear "Against the Wind."  Gar you are a special human being.  Thank you all again!

     - Vito Bailey Birdey

I was in the third row and it was my first time seeing you guys.  You did a fantastic job!!! One of the best tribute bands I've heard.  I hope to see you again soon!  Keep rocking!!

     -Daniel Thomas Keever II

I had the pleasure of hosting "Fire Lake" at my establishment. From start to finish, this was one of the busiest and most energetic nights ever. Gar Hogan of Fire Lake took the time to create a following that packed out our entire restaurant and the crowd partied from the time they began playing to the moment they ended.  Performing all of the best Bob Seger hits, this amazing band is by far a must-have. It is totally clear that they love the music and their fans.  I couldn't be happier with the performance they provided, as well as the relationship they built leading up and beyond that evening.  I would highly suggest partnering with Fire Lake as soon as possible, because if not... I will be booking them over and over again. 

     -Dulayne A. Cumberlander, Managing Partner, The Gaslight, Roswell, GA

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